Structural Insulated Panels

Monticello Custom Homes & Remodeling is the local dealer for the Energy Panel Structures brand Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). Energy Panel Structures is a recognized leader of pre-engineered SIP panels for residential or commercial use.


A structural insulated panel is a composite building material that consists of a sandwich of two layers of OSB and with an insulating solid core of rigid foam.  With this a SIPs home averages only 7% of the lumber used in the shell of a building compared to typical construction.  The first solid core type construction was made in 1935 and the buildings are still used today, nearly 70 years later.


A new SIP home built with insulated wall panels reduces air movement and drafts; reduces moisture; reduces noise and reduces dust and allergens from penetrating. A SIP home can also be constructed faster and with less labor because the insulation, framing and sheathing are combined into one panel.


SIPS are Strong

There is considerable evidence that homes building with SIP panel walls and roof have survived natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, straight-line winds and earthquakes better that a traditionally stick framed home.

SIPS Save Energy

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Whole-wall R-value studies show that a 4 inch SIP wall rated at R-14 outperforms a 2×6 stick framed wall with R-19 fiberglass insulation.

ORNL blower door tests reveal that a SIP test room is 15 times more airtight than its stick framed counterpart with fiberglass insulation.

Reduced HVAC equipment cost due to a tighter, more efficient home.

SIPS Save Resources

Given SIP panels are built of OSB, they take less energy and less raw materials to produce than a conventionally framed home.

Being factory produced specifically to your home plan, the waste on site is dramatically reduced.

Other benefits of being factory built are the accuracy in the construction given the panels are all built on a computerized CNC machine and the time in framing.

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